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Field Recording

I’m always ready for the weather, the dirt and the remote locations filmmakers love so much. Most of my experience has been working on indie films with small crews both features and shorts of multiple genres in narrative and documentary productions as well as brand content.


I’ve got extensive experience shooting interviews for brand content, documentaries, infomertials, on the fly (OTF), behind the scenes (BTS), public service anouncements (PSA), etc. In studio setups, private offices and homes as well as in the streets with reporters handheld mics.


Nothing better than recording without lights and cameras getting in the way, right? I can help you setup your own system and teach you how to operate it so that you achieve your technical independence and focus on what really matters: your content.


Over the years, I’ve learnt that when people say “dialog editing” they really mean to say: “clean it up, please, OMG! A miracle is needed(!)” In such cases, I’m the wizard people trust to do the job. I rely on my ears, analytic tools and a variety of processors to do the restorations and deliver them right on time.

Sound Design

Sound has the power to set the mood, amaze the ears, enhance the experience and make it magical. ANY content can be taken up to the next creative level with a good sound design. You know that. I know that. Everybody knows that. So lets stop talking and lets experiment with sounds. Your audience will love it!

Sound Mixing

Making dialog, music, FX and ambiences play like a wonderful team can be a challenge. It’s easy to over do it and get out of specs. Balancing the right amount of power against the average loudness of the dialog track is not something an untrained ear can do. I’m always happy and excited to take the challenge and make clients happy and audiences enjoy their experience to the max.

Music Composing

Lets take a minute to imagine life without music. I don’t know about you but I can’t. I love listening, playing and of course, creating music. Specially soundtracks! If we work together we can create an entire musical universe for your project.

Pre-COVID Career

Following my sound engineering degree, obtained in 2009, I dedicated my professional work exclusively to the sound department and kept all my other creative interests on the side as passion projects.

Post-COVID Career

Due to the impact the pandemic has had on the film industry and acknowledging the reality of the new work-from-home economy, I’m currently re-designing my business model to include all creative areas outside of sound, that I’m confident I can monetize, such us: producing my own audiobooks, music, online courses and other online content.