These are a few examples of my Post Production works.

Roles: Sound Editor, Sound Designer, Sound Mixer.

Fun Youtube content staring Lin-Manuel Miranda promoting the magical island of Puerto Rico. I was the production sound recordist as well as the sound editor and mixer.

Cool Ad campaign for Adidas. I sound designed and mixed the entire batch of videos for their various social media. I don’t remember the exact number of videos, it was 14 shorts with various lengths between 10 and 30 seconds long plus this longer main episode. I had to deliver the entire thing in 24 hours.

Independent films are always challenging when the entire sound department is just one person and this kind of jobs really test and improve my skills. Asking For It was shot and mixed in NYC. In addition to the main production, I was also in charge of mixing the official trailer for the movie. The film’s sound came out great and the co-directors Amanda Lundquist and Rebecca Scott were very happy with my work.

This was a restoring job. This Production has shot a number of interviews with A-list talent like Ben Kingsley, Lieve Schreiber, James Earl Jones, Richard Thomas, Jim Beaver, Earle Hyman and Ray Bradbury. It was a total of 19 mini episodes. The original recordings had been done in less than ideal conditions and the videos were not ready to be shown before an audience. Major noise reduction and other restoration processes were done successfully and on time. It was an interesting challenge. You can watch all episode on their Youtube channel.

This was a fun movie to work on. A good part of the dialog was spoken in Russian, a language that I don’t speak or understand. Thankfully, the director, Amanda Lundquist, was very cool to work with and we made sure her vision for the sound design of the movie was achieved in this, her directorial debut feature film “Pinsky”. I was in charge of all audio post-production. I was not involved in the production recordings.

Production sound is not often seen in music videos. They’re all about the music and rarely feature any dialog or foley work. Well, this artist wanted both and we delivered. Director Raquel Marvez approached me with her idea and I was happy to provide assistance. I was in charge of both production and post-production sound. The work was subtle but very fun to do.

Comedy has a special space in my heart and this project was very fun to do. This is one of my many collaborations with editor Sean Robinson. In this case, he recommended my work to the producers of this project and they brought me on board to do the sound design and mix for this teaser trailer.

This is one of my early projects in the USA. Very cool to my fresh eyes. It was a challenge in the foley department because of all the different periods the movie is set on. The producers were very happy with my work and I collaborated with on a number of projects. I was the sound editor, designer and mixer. I was not involved in the production recordings.

The Puritans is another one of my very first works in the USA. One of the first people I met when I arrived was a filmmaking student of the New York Film Academy. Once I did the sound for his thesis films, a few of his classmates hired me to work on their films as well. Word got out and one of the students in that class recommended me to director Sean Robinson and producer Paul Warner, NYFA staff & teacher respectively. I did all the audio for this movie from production to post-production. To this day I still collaborate the school, except I don’t work for their students anymore, I work for the institution on a seasonal basis.

When I moved to NYC, having been in the USA for about a year and a half, my new roommates were also involved in the independent film industry. This was a project Neal Todnem was working on when we met. The short is a stop motion animation experiment Neal had been doing for a while and he asked me to design the sound for it. It took us a long time to figure out but we did it. All the sound you hear is foley created and recorded by us. It was  fun experience.

This was an experiment of my own. I wanted to test the video and audio capabilities of my mobile phone. Everything you hear (except the music) was recorded on my iPhone 6, if I remember correctly. No cheating, no fancy equipment. Pure creativity.