Below are answers to some of the more commonly asked questions. If more information or clarification is needed please feel free to contact me via email at jcgorritti@icloud.com


What is a Multi-Passionate Artist?

Multi-passionate individuals are not meant to fit in a specialist box. They bring creativity and passion to everything they do and are skilled in many areas. This makes them love and embrace change. They’re unconventional thinkers, visionaries, innovators and problem solvers. Multi-Passionate artists have an insatiable curiosity for all forms of arts. In my case, I love everything related to filmmaking including writing, directing, acting, editing, graphic design, color grading and of course, all about sound and music. I’m also passionate about comedy.

How come you’re a filmmaker? What films have you made?

2022 is the year of my directorial debut. The documentary feature film “7 Dialogues About The Holy TV” explores the roots of Latin American’s predilection for trash TV. Earlier in my career, before social media, I also directed multiple short films and music videos, most of them now lost.

Are you an actor too?

Yes. Actor and Voice Over artist. As a peculiar character actor, I don’t often get the opportunity to show my talents and I’m still working on expanding my portfolio. Meanwhile, please see my profile on nycastings.com/JCGorritti

What is your immigration status?

I’m a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Lima, Peru.

What languages do you speak?

Spanish and English in that order. I do have an accent.


What’s your rate?

It depends. Generally, a producer approaches me with a budget already fixed. Their numbers might be open to negotiation, provided that the starting point matches industry standards.  If in doubt it certainly can’t hurt to send a message.

Do you take last minute jobs?

Yes. I’m happy to work any last minute jobs you might have. In the past, I have helped my clients working on same day jobs.

Do you take low-budget jobs?

That Depends. After receiving an offer, I assess whether the job is going to be beneficial to my life beyond financial profit.

Are you available for non-local jobs?

Yes. I have traveled extensibly inside the U.S. for jobs such as documentaries, brand content and feature films. I’ve experienced extreme weather and hard conditions of all sorts across the countries and always delivered good usable audio files to my clients.

Have you ever worked in big productions?

Yes. Always as part as non-union EPK crews, shooting behind the scenes documentaries. I’ve never been part of the sound department of the actual productions.


Do you have your own equipment?

Yes. I own the professional audio equipment needed to complete most standard jobs. In cases in which a job needs equipment that I don’t own, I personally handle the technical coordinations between the production team and the rental house of their preference.

Can you provide a full list of the equipment you own?

No. A list of the most valuable items is provided only for insurance purposes to productions with whom I’ve already signed a contract.


Do you have a Home Studio?

Yes. I have an acoustically treated and calibrated 5.1 surround home studio with Mac computers and Pro Tools Ultimate and Adobe Creative Cloud Suite licenses. My studio is located in Passaic, NJ approximately 13 miles from Manhattan.

Can you restore noisy or poorly recorded dialog?

It depends. Generally, yes. Modern audio restoration technology allows a certain amount of processing to go relatively unnoticed and the result might seem magical. However, the quality of the original recordings are determinant to the success of the job and while unwanted noises can be drastically reduced, poor recordings where the microphones were not properly placed can prove to be a lot more challenging. Even in the most dramatic cases, a general improvement is almost always guaranteed.

Can you record Foley, ADR or Voice Overs?

Yes. The acoustical treatment of my home studio accounts for a good room sound capable of recording most instruments, foley artifacts and voices.


Can I license your published music?

Yes. Please, contact me.

Can you compose original music for my project?

Yes. Please, contact me.

What instruments do you play?

I do not have one main instrument as I’m not a professional performer. The instruments I play well are: keyboards (incl. synths & piano), percussions (incl. drums) and the bass guitar. I can also play the electrical guitar and a variety of flutes and brasses.

Do you use VST or real instruments?

Both. I strongly lean towards real instruments and whenever I use VST instruments, I record the parts by playing them on my MIDI keyboard in order to always have human performances on my music.