Join me on my most recent adventure: Start publishing my music for everyone to enjoy. This first piece represents a source of inspiration and confidence in my work. I recorded myself while playing my synth ad lib and that material became this¬†piece. It is great for meditation, reading, writing, sleeping, thinking, brainstorming or as background music and ambience to your favorite hobbies.¬†(Could even be used for more playful stuff if you’re into that, as well)

Perfect for suspense or horror films, podcasts or audiobooks too!

  • – Entirely created and ad lib performed live on a Yamaha S30 Synthesizer.
  • – Instrumentation enhanced and expanded with an Xpand2 virtual synthetizer and virtual GTR guitar amplifiers.
  • – Edited and mixed in Avid Pro Tools.
  • – Mastered on Adobe Audition CC at -16LUFS.
  • – Assembled in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
  • – Created on Adobe After Effects CC using the original audio waveform to generate and automate a variety of visual effects.
  • – Alternative effects created on VDMX and later mixed back to the main visuals on AE.
  • – Assembled in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
  • – The Thumbnail was created on Photoshop using screenshots from the video and playing with blending modes.
  • – I’m posting my favorite screenshots on my Instagram if you’re interested in asbtract art.
  • – This 2 hour long version was created by looping a 30 minute piece 4 times.
  • – The first half (15min) is the original piece composed and the second half is the piece reversed in time, both audio and video.

This piece is in the process of being re-conceptualized and will be reposted as multiple shorter videos to better ilustrate the power music has over picture.