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In 2012, Andrés Marín wrote 5 bars of a melody and bass line on the piano, under the tittle “Qué Mae Más Raro” (What a weird dude); later Japanese and Uruguayan musicians, Haruka Yabuno and Alejandro Zorrilla respectively, reinterpreted the harmony of the piece. It was Malaysian singer-songwriter NJWA who, soon after, wrote the lyrics for the first verse and the chorus of the song. That version was performed live by Marín’s band Mostacho Xprmnt on multiple occasions. In 2015, the band decided to record the song for Music Dribble Entertainment (MDE). Marín wrote lyrics for a second verse. Then a bridge was added co-written by Marín and Korean singer Song Yi Jeon, who also recorded the vocals.

In 2017, MDE gave free will to producers Copper Tony, 28 Lines and Matt Sokol to remix the song as they wished. Three songs, now available online, are the result of this collaborative project. Copper Tony’s experiment, in particular, is a Dofflin Mixed tune with a catchy synth line that inspired the creativity of Peruvian filmmaker JC Gorritti who immediately jumped on board to direct a video clip for it.

In 2018, filmmaker JC Gorritti started the two year long process of creating the video clip for Copper Tony’s Remix. The journey of the song went from an ode to weirdness, to a satire of the world of online dating and how weirdness can be used as an excuse for acceptance or rejection. The faces featured on the video were found through different social circles, some of which are also musicians and filmmakers. The video was filmed in Brooklyn, New York.

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“Why it took me nearly 2 years to complete this project? 

I chose the long – and slow – walk, because I wanted to explore my ideas and teach myself how to translate them to the screen. It really is a long story with many ups and downs. I’ll be sharing it soon enough on a mini documentary in the hopes that my experiences would help aspiring filmmakers to approach their own projects in their own unique way. Because it really is cool… to be weird”.

JC Gorritti, Director.



“When I first sat at the Berklee piano rooms, in Boston, and composed this 12-tone melody, I never imagined that it would have lyrics by a Malaysian singer, be recorded in New York City with musicians from USA, Korea, Ecuador and Venezuela; then be remixed by producers like Copper Tony and ultimately have a videoclip from a Peruvian film director.” 

– Andrés Marín, co-composer and producer of the original song.


It's cool to be weird